Sample Lesson Plan


            The student will be able to (include reference to SCCS):

1.                  Psychomotor:  Play a modified game of 3 v 3 with their designated teammates using the skills learned during the lesson (passing to an open teammate, moving to an open space, staying in designated boundaries, everyone must touch the ball once in order to score) at the end of the lesson on a side goal in the gym. (Standard 1- Mature form in basic skills; using skills in varying environments)
Indicator:  Demonstrates competence in basic motor skills as well as in basic offensive strategies during team activities.

2.                  Cognitive: Distinguish between good decisions and bad decisions made by their teammates to enable success, (leading their teammate instead of passing it to their original location, pump faking to lure a defender) When instructed by the teacher by huddling with their group or when called on by the teacher for feedback/refinement purposes. (Standard 2- characteristics of high skilled performance; identify basic offensive strategies)
Indicator:  Observe and identify characteristics of high skilled performance that enables success.  

3.                  Affective: Work with their teammates (as selected prior to class) in a cooperative manner, i.e., distributing the passes/touches evenly, make decisions as a unit, complementing one another, during modified game play while maintaining on task behavior and staying in their boundaries at all times throughout the basketball lesson.  (Standard 5-Develop ability to cooperate with one another to accomplish team goals)
Indicator:  With cooperatively with a group to establish team goals; Use time wisely while remaining in on task behavior. 

            The teacher will be able to:

            1.  Divide the space in Stover into zones, before class begins, so that the students can practice their drills safely within their boundaries throughout the entire lesson. 

            2.  Establish the objectives for the lesson as well as the basketball unit, during the set induction, so that the students will know what is expected of them as well as the goals that will be aimed towards during the upcoming weeks. 

References Used (at least 2, provide copies):

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Equipment needed:  1. 6 basketballs (one for each set of partners or one for each team of 3)
                                    2.  Poly spots to mark off boundaries
                                    3.  Pinnies for teams to wear
                                    4.  DVD/Video camera for the teach
                                    5.  Computer for media motivator

Space Needed:           1.  Half court at Stover Middle School

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