Coaching Philosophy

Over the years that I have been an assistant and head coach I have developed a philosophy that encompass what I expect from my players as well as my coaches.  When dealing with a large group of high school male athletes it is very important to know that right from the start they are all very different and have many different needs.  Coaching a sport like wrestling magnifies this because unlike other team sports the athlete can be successful with out doing the same things as another teammate, he can use his own style.  In order to know what is best for the individual you must first be able to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses.  Once a proper evaluation has been completed then and only then can you begin to plot a course for the athlete that will make them a success.  Unlike a sport like football in which the group must act as one to be a success a wrestler moves independent of the group and therefore must be independently mentored and coached
It is the job of myself and my other coaches to breakdown the individuals and figure out where they fit into the team. The other very important job of my coaches is to instruct the athletes on more than just the physical aspect, our athletes need to be made aware of all the mental aspects that go into the sport.  An intelligent athlete is valuable resource to any team.  In a day and age when so much is given to the youth of our culture I also believe that it is imperative that they work for everything that they get.  I also believe that the athletes need to be broken down a bit before they can be brought up and made stronger.  Pushing an athlete to their physical limit is easy, its when you push them to their mental limit when you develop true character.

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